Pixie is my new tribe

Getting a pixie was never my intend for a while though I’d always imagine how it would be to sport a pixie. I have always wondered why moms loved doing pixie or going short. Today I know why. Being a mom has its perks, but the downside would be that you really have to work around the clock and every minute starts to matter which also means you have less time when it comes to doing your hair in the morning. Going super short or pixie short was entirely based on that and it honestly just took me 2 hours to make that decision and not very long. Most of you all know that I love experimenting with my hair. Which also means I don’t know what I might do next. This time I decided super short PIXIE is my current calling and that is exactly what I did with my hair.

Some of you might ask what are the benefits of a pixie hair is. I wouldn’t  want to state quite the obvious but yes let me get it down to you.

The benefits of a pixie short hair :

  1. Takes less blow dry time, and low maintainence.
  2. Easy to wash so less shampoo being used.
  3. Doesn’t exactly require conditioner since its short.
  4. Minimal styling products required.
  5. You can try various colors on the hair.
  6. Can be washed everyday. Yay isn’t that great when you live in a hot and humid country like the Emirates.
  7. It looks really cool and makes you look younger. THATS A WINNER !
  • What are the styling products that can be used ?

Gel, Wax, Matt , finishing spray or just nothing atimes. ( Redken, American crew, British barber , Kevin murphy )

  • Ok so now what happens after the hair starts growing out. ?

It’s been over 3 months and now my hair has grown about 2inches and above. Well that’s the tough part especially if you have thick and wavy hair like mine. The hair tends to take its own shape every other day , so its very important to know that. But using styling products can help you with it. And if you really love the pixie and continue to sport it then get your hair done/cut every 6-8 weeks to maintain it.

Warning : You might get comments like you look like a little boy or you look like your son or you look like a school going kid. But hey, I take it as a compliment. Anything for the joy of the new look and saving me time and making me look young. (I’m not very old though 🙂 )


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