Finding Shine !!

Finding shine !!

When you are living in Dubai, with hot water running through even cold showers or when you are out in the sun a lot or  you are constantly exposed to heat no matter how hard you try to hide from heat, there comes a time it takes a toll on your skin and hair. Since I talk about hair, I’d say that the constant exposure + added color + added heat from the water + cold dry air from the air condition is one of the chore and many reasons why we loose the strength and shine from our hair in the Gulf region/Middle east. Most of the women living in this weather and lifestyle understand the difficulty of managing good hair all year long.

Now I was going through the same issue and I reached a point where no matter how hard I tried but was unable to find long lasting shine on my hair. And Yes I constantly get treatments done, olaplex done, spa treatments done, strengthening treatments, oil massages etc done too but none of them were leading to a continuity in the shine that I lost. Having a long lasting shiny hair is also about your lifestyle, water and your diet. But the dullness and no shine made me anxious. And after a month long trip in America I saw that my hair required a major shine treatment that could be even used at home.

So I happened to visit Tee from Bpod and I told her about my concern. She introduced me to a treatment called SEMI DI LINO’S quick fix SHINE LOTION from ALFAPARF MILANO. Alfaparf Milano is a professional hair care brand based from Italy that produces color, shampoo and treatment etc that is required for the hair.

The steps involved were simple :

  1. Wash the hair using the above Illuminating Shampoo.
  2. Use a few drops of the shine lotion ampules (a single ampule can be used for about 4-5 treatments ), leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it.
  3. Condition the hair using Illuminating Conditioner and rinse it.

My verdict : Voila !!! Weightless shine is back on. Yes without weighing the hair down, the shine did last on my hair for longer than I expected. Since its a one step process, I honestly did not expect much as many brands boasts of long lasting shine but fails at the end but this product was a miracle product at the end. The real shine lasted me for over 12-14 days which is quite good for a one step treatment. And I kept using the ampoule once every 15 days between the shower and this has helped me revive the shine back on. 

To know more about ALFAPARF MILANO’S SEMI DI LINO’S DIAMANTE read below :

Alfaparf Milano’s Diamante treatment is used for normal hair that is stressed and loses shine and strength. This product works well for polluted hair that is constantly coloured or damaged.

  • Diamond is made with an urban defence pro technology that acts as a shield against pollution
  • comprises of shine fix complex that leads to brightening power from roots to the ends
  • has color fix complex that has UV filters and antioxidant to prolong the brightness of the color
  • comprises of multivitamin complex that works as an antioxidant on the fiber of the hair

If you are going through the same phase as mine of shine less dull looking hair and if you want instant and long lasting weightless boost without changing the structure of your hair then , then you could find this treatment at BPOD salon in Dubai. You could also purchase the home care kit to do an after care at home as well.


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