‘Building confidence and acceptance of themselves(clients) whilst developing their appearance in an effortlessly glamorous way is a responsibility of an artist’ says Celebrity hairstylist Alexis Katerina who feels responsible for every client.

Having partnered with many projects for TV,media and specialist themed events in Dubai, she wanted to create a solution to style in all types of environments and for all occasions. To deliver a high caliber beauty solution without compromising on the luxury salon experience lead to this Master Project named GLAM BAR. Glam bar is all about being able to bring the station to you and making you feel glamorous.

Alexis being trained and worked in the UK as an established hairdresser never imagined her life would change forever with a short trip to Dubai. The trip lasted over 6 years and today she is up and running her own place and doing big banner projects such as Dubai World Govt Summit and Working alongside Philip Morris for specialist themed projects . Her focus is also to bring well trained hairdressers/artists available to you at any time of the day. Hence she has a team who are always on location while they aren’t working at the salon.

Alexis by being a hairdresser is also a passionate interior designer who has worked on every detail of her salon with less carbon fixed ingredients used from the wall paints to the back bar to the station to the tools to the products. I loved how Alexis ran me through every bit of her new baby, Glam Bar. She has worked on every detailing at her salon by making sure there was less carbon used such that it produced less noise, less fumes by also reducing the carbonated air that you breathe in whilst having your hair did. Isn’t that amazing?

I could go on and on and never stop raving about such amazing hairdressers that I have met in Dubai. And she is one of them.

To know more about Alexis, her team and this gorgeous salon, you just might want to pop into her salon at J3 Mall in Al Wasl.

Check out a bit of my day with Alexis below :


DSC_1038 DSC_1031



  1. Finding a good hairdresser in a new city can be quite a daunting task. Ladies, look no further – GLAM BAR truly is in a league of its own. Alexis’ attention to detail is second to none and her knowledge and experience she shares ensures you are all set to care for your new look 🙂

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