Battle with Dry, Frizzy, Brittle Hair

Battle with Dry, Frizzy, Brittle Hair :


This is one of the most commonly discussed issue of hair amongst women.. Especially in this hot country. And it’s the worst time for people with thick,coarse,unruly hair.
Every person I meet always has a debate on dry hair and everyone has their own theory to it. As a Hairdresser, what I observe when it comes to dry and brittle hair is
that the ends of the hair get extremely dry and the cuticle (outer portion of your hair) feels like a thorn . This usually happens due to many reasons :
1.Excess oxidation- that is continuous chemical treatments without giving the hair a breather. It could be constant use of colors, or continuous use of protein or keratin treatment
can lead to over build up of keratin/ protien on your hair and leading it to repel moisture and this leads to dry and brittle hair. Oxidation of the hair is just like an iron rod rusting in water.

SOLVE : Using products with more Vit C and Vit E, that helps to reduce the oxidation. Try to use masque/conditioner as a treatment at least once a week. USE HOT TOWEL WRAP.
2.Using shampoos with no pH balance and the presence of sulfates / parabens leads to dryness too. Sulphates leads to excessive removal of color and moisture leading to dehydration.
Its just like using a hand wash and ending up with dry skin. This is one of the reasons why salons recommend sulphate free shampoos after a chemical treatment (less detergent)

SOLVE : using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner (moisturiser) is very important. Never keep the cuticle open after a shampoo. Hence conditioner is very important to close the cuticle.

3. Excessive use of hot appliances such as hair straighteners or curling irons or hairdryers without using any heat protection/Heat resistant sprays or serums.

SOLVE : The heat resistant products does help to protect the excessive dryness of the hair upto 220 degree C OR 450 degree F. Also try to go natural. Blast dry/Rough dry the hair first.
Arian oils also helps as heat resistant protection.

4. Hormonal imbalance for women especially during pregnancy or any other period.
SOLVE: Adding Multivitamins or a good diet with more proteins and antioxidants with more Vit C could be helpful.

5. Continuous use of Chlorinated water is a common issue many faces which leads the chlorine to deposit over the cuticle ,leading to dryness and brittleness.
SOLVE :The best way to fix it is by using a good exfoliator for the hair just like your skin care and removing the chlorine buildup and later on shampooing and conditioning
with a sulphate free product that is lighter for the hair. Also get tap filters for your shower that can block a good amount of chlorine.

6. Overuse of oil in the hair. The hair has natural oil glands that helps it to produce oil naturally just like your skin. Oil application is good just to stimulate your nerves but other than that
you hair is happy as it is and the use of oil can always REVERSE the condition of your scalp.Too much use of oil can attract too much dirt and dust as oil is a silicone layer /magnet that
attracts excess dirt leading to brittleness and even hair fall to an extend as the scalp has no breathing space.

SOLVE : Use oil according to the type of your hair and scalp’s nature. Using silicone free oils or non sticky oils and use it only once in 2 weeks.
7. Swimming and outdoor activities in the sun can lead to excess dehydration of the hair that could lead to excessive dryness and brittleness.
SOLVE: To avoid excess damage, You could use hair texturizers or sea salts or anithumactant sprays with UV protection in it. Low pH shampoos recommended for children.

8. Variation is weather and lot of travel between different weather and water could also lead to dryness.

SOLVE: Try using a pH balancing shampoo that helps to work with your hair pH when in different weather. During cold weather use heavier moisturising/ leave in conditioners just like using
heavier/thicker face creams for dryness. During summers, use light shampoos but good moisturising treatment conditioners and wash it out completely.

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