Types of Bob Hairstyles For Women

This post comes after seeing various bobs of my friends gone wrong. Bobs are one of the oldest hairstyles which keeps re-inventing itself. Only the method and the way of styling differs. But at the end it about keeping your neck line and jaw line in sync and reducing the age off your face and adding definition to your face by highlighting your features. Now to understand Bob hairstyles better, you need to know what a bob means.

According to Wikipedia and common man, A bob cut or bob is a short haircut for women (and occasionally men) in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, often with a fringe (or “bangs”) at the front.

Typically a Bob is a bob. There are various variations to a bob though. It works for any person. From a toddler to a grown up it never goes out of style. It only depends on how you style it but most importantly it also depends on the right haircut. A person should decide on a bob depending on their face/jaw shape and their lifestyle. Also bob is one of the most commonly used hairstyles that has happened to women and the most easiest to maintain. Now to understand it better, there are various types of commonly used Bobs. 



Long on one side and short on the other. Works well with square to oval face.

Asymmetric-Bob-Hair2  d77ddfd6618a7a9ac148713bf6f5af7a



Graduated at the neckline. Suits the square,round to oval face.

Simple-a-Line-Bob  DSC_1246 (2)



Short to long and covers the chin. One of my favourites. Suits almost all face shapes. (round,oval,square etc)

A-line-Bob-Hairstyle-1-2  images-9



Heavy above the nape and gradually choppy towards the neck. Inversion at the neckline. Preferable on leaner faces.




A graduated version with lots of texture. Can be used for messy bob too. Works on square to round face to oval face.

17800415_605768192962137_7550606397227947920_n  images-3



Same length at the front and back. Typically used for corportate professionals to toddlers. Suits all kinds of face shapes.




Shorter to long. Shorter at the back and gradually longer in the front. This helps to highlight the cheekbones.

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Similar to one length blunt but heavier at the bottom. Mostly for an oval shaped face.


The above are the various bob hairstyles that I love. Except for a few, I have tried most of them. Always remember a bob always highlights your facial bones better. It also adds to your confidence. There are many hairdressers in Dubai who does great bobs but my all time favourite is Maurice  from The Hairshop, Meydan Hotel. He always surprises you and works by your personality.



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