hair extensions or hair transplant ?

This is a topic of discussion. There has been endless hair brands, hair experts, hairdressers with various solution when it comes to hair loss. But not many have been realistic about it.  Ofcourse now we live in a world of more awareness about these kind of things. To know more about the kind of hair loss fix available today, lets get you to understand why hair loss or receding occurs.

Hair fall / receding hair  occurs due to various reasons :

  • change in water
  • weather
  • hormones
  • hereditary
  • medication
  • stress
  • excess protein intake
  • excessive dry scalp and dandruff
  • oily scalp
  • excess oil application
  • damaged follicles

Receding hair does lead to hair loss, patchiness or baldness. Now the main reason you might ask :

The average growth of human hair is 100,000 a person which grows from hair follicles beneath the skin surface. Most of this hair eventually fall out and lead to growth of new hair on a timely manner. Many a times, when the hair follicles are damaged, it does damage the growth of the hair and leads to hair loss. This takes us to the next question, how do I work around my receding hair or hair loss ? Ofcourse there are many natural ways to reduce the hair fall provided it is a temporary situation, but once your follicles are weak, hair growth products or treatments don’t exactly work in increasing the growth of your hair but can only help in reducing the hair fall to an extend. Again, if the cause of the hair fall is more temporary like climate change, water change, dandruff, dryness,hormonal imbalances or medication etc that can still be controlled, you needn’t worry as such as the hair tends to regenerate with the right products and pH balance on the scalp. But if the hair fall occurs due to weak follicles or dying follicles then it is more of a permanent issue and at this point hair growth products don’t exactly work. This is where hair weaving or hair extensions or hair transplant comes in as an option.

Now, lets get to what is hair weaving ?

Hair weaving This is weaving synthetic or natural hair on the existing hair. The new hair is basically attached or woven into to the roots of your natural hair. This is suitable for temporary hair loss to cover the patchiness or receding hair or even add volume to scanty or thinning hair. Since its a synthetic attachment, you can blow dry it , shampoo it and style it like your natural hair. It is generally made of real hair and synthetic hair. It cannot be kept on for long though. Now, you need to understand that Hair Weave is not a Hair Wig. Since it is woven into the hair, it needs to removed every few weeks and reattached.

Hair weave is usually done by a professional and it has to be weaved or attached onto the existing hair and removed and redone every few weeks.

sew the hair in with needles



Pros : Looks natural, no risk of the extensions falling off since it is weaved in, Can be washed every 2-3 days max with a mild shampoo.

Con : Cannot be conditioned,  root hair has to be dreadlocked and might require professional help. 

Hair extentions are similar to hair weaving but the difference is that they can be either attached by sowing in or glued in or taped in or clipped in or can be attached as protein bonds , weaves and many other ways too. Lately hair extensions have been playing such an important role in the hair industry. It is not exclusively used for hair fall or hair loss anymore. It can used in your daily lives to add volume or to add length to the existing hair etc. This is preferred to be done professionally to avoid any sort of damages. But again there are easy to use ones that just needs to clipped into the hair and can be used at home as well. This is generally made of natural human hair that is collected, cleaned / shampooed and fixed on extension clips. There are synthetic types too but I would never recommend those as you cannot use hot tools on them like you wish to.

Pros : Easy to maintain, looks very natural, can be washed every 2 days a week but with a mild and gentle shampoo with a pH below 7 and sulfate free to avoid dryness. 

Cons : Have to remove and reattach every few weeks for maintenance. Avoid using much conditioner.


Hair Transplant : Also known as hair grafting, hair implants etc

This is a surgical method and generally used for those with receding hair to permanent hair loss caused by dying hair follicles especially from the forehead and crown. The procedure involves removing the hair with its follicles that are active from any part part of the scalp, usually from the back of the head (above the nape, below the crown ), the follicles are implanted into the receding roots of the scalp surgically. This procedure involves anasthetics. So after the surgical method and a few months of medication, the hair tends to grow naturally from the follicles about 9-12 months time. The downside is that it can be an expensive affair and a little painful post surgery.


Pros : The hair grows naturally and can be cut as it grows. Can be shampooed and conditioned. 

Cons : Surgical treatment, can be painful post surgery during the healing process. The hair takes time to grow naturally post procedure. Have to consume medication as well post surgery which could have a few side effects.


NOTE : Men or women with scanty or receding hair can also use wigs for coverage, or keratin fibre powder that can be dusted onto the hair and scalp to volumize and fill the gaps or even use volumising shampoos and styling products that helps in such hair loss or scanty hair situations if the above doesn’t suit your purpose. DM me if you are interested the know the brands that could be available to you.



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