Is this Sugar Spray the new Sea Salt spray ?



Hello gorgeous people !

Did you all know that sugar sprays are the new sea salt spray? If you are someone who loves a ‘day at the beach’ look that happens to be like above then you are going to love what I have found out about new sugar spray. Yes SUGAR spray. I’ve always known honey is a great moisturizer for the hair and also helps to get rid of dandruff. But how many of you all have used sugar based products as a STYLING AGENT? Yes that’s right. Styling agent.

Recently I happened to get my hands on the Keratin Complex’s Sweet definition Sugar mist ( I had to order it, as I couldn’t find it in salons, You can find it on desert cart). And all I could say is that it was fabulous. Check out the few benefits of the product :

  1. Lighter than sea salt spray
  2. Adds a lot of texture
  3. Less drying formula and Stays on longer
  4. Softer beach waves and natural looking
  5. Moisturising to the hair
  6. Natural curl enhancers too
  7. Doesn’t leave any hair residue
  8. Great movement and control to the hair
  9. Smells fabulous

Note : This is exclusively for those who loves messy beach hair and wants it softer and lighter unlike the sea salt sprays that can be more crunchy and heavier. Recommended for both men and women.

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