SHOW Beauty’s Moisture Care for Hair

One of my favourite jobs when I moved into hairdressing was experimenting with various hair products. I love trying out new hair products and mainly shampoos/conditioner range as I feel finding the right shampoo/conditioner is a matter of luck and fortune as you end up spending a fortune finding that luck for your hair. Sometimes it works perfectly fine and sometimes you wish you could shut the company down for making horrible shampoo/conditioner range. From what I have seen, people are generally game about trying various hair treatments, color experiments, chemical treatments etc but talk about changing shampoos regime or trying a new range of shampoo, they just don’t feel the need to or all they could think of is “hair fall hair fall hair fall “.

Now the one thing that people in general have never enjoyed about various hair brands is the packaging. Packaging is honestly the most important deal for any person to feel a want or an attraction towards a hair shampoo. But most of the times, the packaging of the hair products is too simple and not very extravagant as many hair experts and hair companies believe in the concept of simplicity and what lies inside the product. But I don’t think like a commoner and wish if the packaging of the hair products was as good as the product. Because why not ?

And So, I recently happened to bump into a brand called SHOW BEAUTY. Now imagine, if you find a hair product that looks as extravagant as your perfume collection. That is exactly how I was attracted to the amazing haircare brand called SHOW BEAUTY. My eyes literally popped open seeing how elegant and gorgeous the packaging and the bottling was. I have always loved a touch of luxury when it comes to the packaging of my beauty care. And so I decided to find out what was inside the product.

SHOW beauty was made with a focus on styling and finishing to deliver volume, shine and protection with a luxurious feel. As a treatment, it ranges from texture,moisture to volume. The moisture family by SHOW mainly consists of white truffle and caviar that actually helps to lock the moisture in and gives a protecting layer to control dryness and frizz. From what I understand, SHOW beauty is a sulfate free and paraben free brand with a pbelow 7 which makes it extremly safe to use on all kinds of scalp and hair conditions. I also learnt that the brand’s signature fragrance was perfected by the master fragrenciers behind the world’s most iconic perfumes. Isn’t that WOW? And so, the distributors of SHOW beauty in Dubai was kind enough to send me the moisture range to try on my hair. (thank you to beauty solutions )

Show’s Moisture range Main Ingredients & Benefits are:

  • White truffle : Helps in moisture balance, strengthening and forming a protective layer to reduce split ends.
  • Caviar : Helps to nourish and improve the tensile strength.
  • Soy Protiens and Pro Vitamin B5: helps to bind moisture to the hair and control frizz and delivers shine as well.
  • Shea Butter : Helps to give softness to the hair and soothes the scalp.


1.Pure Moisture Shampoo :

What the product says : Helps in moisture balancing with an exceptional cleansing, nourishment, restoring natural shine and leaving the hair healthy and lustrous.

My VERDICT : I am actually in LOVE. Thats the exact feeling.

When I started using it I was unsure as it did clean my scalp quite more than what I expected which is unlikely for many sulphate free products. But then I realised it did clean my scalp and hair above expectations without drying my hair and without affecting my color. It felt like a mixture of exfoliating and moisture balancing shampoo. I have been using it over 3 weeks now and I definitely feel my hair looks more shiny, healthy and oh so so silky. I also loved the fact that when I redid my color, it absorbed faster and had more brilliance to it. 

2. Pure Moisture Conditioner :

What the product says : Restores hair’s natural moisture leaving it intensely soft and smooth.

My Verdict : This conditioner is LIFE. Bouncy hair is back people.

As I applied it I could feel the hair going completely soft and smooth. I could feel the conditioner absorbing into my dry bits of hair. Post drying, my hair felt smooth and at the same time I could see a lot of movement which shows the conditioner is quite light weight and doesn’t weigh the hair down. To top it all, is the amazing fragrance while conditioning the hair. It felt like I was wearing one of the best perfumes on my hair. Just WOW. I have been using the conditioner post shampoo and its perfect. No heaviness no silicones !

Note: Many moisture enhancing conditioners tends to weigh your hair down due to heavy silicone extracts. But SHOW moisture conditioner is silicone free and light weight with no dryness all day long.

3. Moisture Treatment Mask :

What the product says : Rich is essential amino acids that helps to improve the hair’s elasticity, reduce brittleness , water loss and works to restore hair to its natural smoothness.

My Verdict : A creamy mask that absorbs very fast into the broken bonds of your hair and leaving no residue behind. I could feel my hair going from rough/dry bits to extreme softness and smoothness. I noticed a visible difference in the elasticity of my hair as I was blow drying it. I would recommend to use once or twice a week for extremely damaged hair. Doesn’t weigh the hair down. I would also recommend steaming the mask into the hair and leaving it for 10-15 min. Steaming helps in better absorption.

Check out the shine on my hair  :


Everything about SHOW beauty from the aesthetic to the performance is glamorous. It smells amazing and the hair feels shiny and bouncy all day long. This range does delivers what it says. Show beauty is the hair care range I would definitely be using and talking about for a long time here on. This is also a great relief for those who end up using heavy silicone based products/shampoo (this is a general issue with many moisture delivering products, that tends to weighs you hair down after 2-3 weeks due to slow deposition of silicones trying to fix the dryness).

I am so happy to have found SHOW beauty in Dubai. You could purchase the above mentioned trio from BEAUTY SOLUTIONS on a discounted price here. BEAUTY SOLUTIONS is a leading distributor of international and globally recognised beauty and lifestyle brands and they having some amazing range of hair care brands which I love.

I had also done a story on one of their best seller Sacha Juan Hair Perfume a while back. If you would like to know more then please read here.

Shampoo/Conditioner :

Mask :


    1. Hi Pat, Thank you,Always happy to share new things. I was struggling with on off dryness. But now thanks to Show beauty I am seeing a varied difference. You must try washing your hair with the shampoo, dry it off and then apply the color. The color seems to last longer than usual.

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