Olaplex Treatment

Many of us fear hair colour changes due to the damage that can occur to our hair post the colour. Each time we get colour done, the hair does tend to get dry and the cuticles tends to get weak. Lets face it, we envy seeing someone else or celebrities with a fabulous new colour or shiny smooth hair but the moment we decide to get a major colour change we do tend to back down with the fear of the outcome i.e. damaged, dull, dry hair and later unhappy us.

Well now imagine if you could colour or do any chemical treatment and still retain the strength and shine of the hair without causing much damage. It sounds like a dream right? Oh well it isn’t. Thanks to some amazing hair masters in the hair industry, we now have OLAPLEX TREATMENT that is a game changer.

To understand Olaplex better, you need to understand the very basic of what happens to the hair. The hair cuticle tends to go through a lot of mechanical,chemical damage when we colour, perm, heat the hair. The cuticle is bonded by sulphide bonds (disulphides ) which tends to tear down or in simple words the outer portion of the hair tends to get rusted due to these mechanical,chemical damages leading to dryness, broken ends, and dull looking hair.

OLAPLEX is a very simple treatment (doesn’t cost much ) that can be used with most of the chemical process on the hair such as colour, perming, relaxing, bleaching etc. This treatment helps to restore the broken bonds of your hair that is caused by mechanical, chemical, thermal damage and restores the shine, strength, smoothness back.

I recently happen to change my hair color from red to purple and I could feel the dullness and dryness on my hair after a few days. So I decided to go ahead and try out Olaplex. The steps involved at the salon are:

  1. Shampoo your hair and apply  NO.1 BOND MULTIPLIER directly to the hair or with any chemical treatment. This rebuilds, restores the broken disulphide bonds of your cuticle. 
  2. Apply NO.2 BOND PERFECTOR over the hair after 20 min. This will fix the bonds back. This is usually applied after rinsing out color or highlight from the hair but since I didn’t get color done at the time it was applied directly over the bond multiplier. 
  3. Wash the above after 30 minutes and shampoo condition the hair.
  4. Lastly, you have NO.3 HAIR PERFECTOR a post care protection to be used at home. Use it once in a week to retain the strenght of the hair.

Olaplex can be used and mixed with various chemical treatments so that it fixes your hair while it is going through a chemical change. It is also silicone free such that it doesn’t interfere with any chemical treatment. It is an in salon treatment and the post home care is advised to be used after getting olaplex done at the salon.

Note: My color did get lighter but this happened since I got Olaplex done post color (2 weeks coloured).  It is advisable to get Olaplex done during the color or any chemcial treatment with a post care at home for a 100% effectiveness. Recommended for all.

Check out the video below.

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