Fibre Force Treatment at Schwarzkopf Academy Dubai

Recently I was invited to the Schwarzkopf Professional Academy in Dubai. It was such an honour and an exciting moment for me. I have always been in favour of this brand. The reason being that it was one of the first brands I had interacted and trained with while I started out as a hairdresser. Schwarzkopf has also been one of those first few brands that has grown globally through its Education program. The education program focuses on Cuts, Colour, Chemical Treatments and In-salon treatments. They have excelled when it comes to educating hairdressers and has produced some of the best hairdressers worldwide. As a brand their vision is to repair/treat the hair while shampooing/conditioning the hair at the back wash.

While I was at the academy, I had a chat with the team regarding their trainings and this is what they had to say. Schwarzkopf’s education program is tailored for every member who works in a salon since we have courses related to color, styling, cutting on different levels. We also provide business courses for salon managers & owners on how to grow their business. The courses are split in several levels (Essential, Advanced, Expert & Top). We also have basic courses (Coloring & Cutting) for beginners and we usually host international ambassadors for expert level courses.

SKP products can be found all over UAE in most of the professional salons. We have a long list of clients who partnered with us in the past one year and a half and the list keeps on growing. We will expanding in KSA and OMAN as well. 

Check out the Fabulous Schwarkopf Academy located in Al Qous Dubai below :







When it comes to the hair, I have always been a firm believer of fixing while cleaning the hair everyday. That means using the right products, using the right tools but most importantly using treatment based products at your back wash when you have stressed hair. The Educator guided me through the various products and how they focus more on the treating the hair everyday through the daily shampoo/condition. She told me about different treatments and why it was important for me to do the fibre force treatment.

  • What is fibre force treatment?

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 4.20.59 PM

The FIBRE FORCE fortifying treatment helps to forcefully fix the damaged bonds that is caused due to constant mechanical or chemical stress/damage on the hair. Each layer is infused with protein based keratin which leads to long-lasting repair and maintenance therefore strenghtening the inner cortex along with the outer hair shaft which in turn brings out strength, shine and movement back to the hair.

The Fibre Force range is used as 4 steps : bonding, fixing, sealing, prolonging the hair bonds to provide increased resistance to breakage on over processed or damaged hair. It basically strengthens the hair and gives resistance towards any damage and brings back what is lost without affecting the nature or state of your hair such as coloured or chemically treated like straightened or permed hair.

The Treatment steps involved are :

  1. Mix the FIBRE FORCE INFUSION with the BONDING CREME. And apply all over the dry unwashed hair. (yes you got that right ! )
  2. Leave it on the hair for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off.
  3. Shampoo using the FIBRE FORCE SHAMPOO.
  4. Apply the FIBRE FORCE CONCEALOR and dry it off.
  5. Style using any desired styling products.

My review:

I loved the way my hair felt. It felt light at the same time fluffy, shinny, making it look strong and healthy. My scalp tends to get oily the next day after any heavy treatment due to the oil/silicone present in the product which leads to heaviness. But post this treatment, I could feel the shine, softness, hardly any oiliness on my scalp even after 3-4 days. I did use the home care given to me by SKP and was quite impressed on how light and shinny the hair felt which in turn gave me bouncy loose locks. This is a result of strong bonds and that shows how quick the treatment works on your hair.

This is a quick back bar treatment usually done at a salon which doesn’t take more than 30min in total followed by a post care at home. I definitely would recommend this product to those who suffer from stressed, damaged cortex and porous hair. Schwarzkopf is available across various UAE salons.

Note: Get the treatment done once every 3-4 weeks at the salon and use it with the home care shampoo and treatment mask.

Check out the video below :


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