Clarifying Shampoo-Clean Hair Do Care !

Do you know what a clarifying shampoo is ?

CS actually helps to remove any build up / oiliness / dry flakes / products from the hair. It is a pre shampoo used prior to your Texture Specific Shampoo and can be used once or twice in a week. It is a necessity as it helps to open the pores and cleanse the scalp. If you are someone who uses styling products regularly or sweats a lot from the scalp, then a clarifying shampoo helps to remove the build up and keep your scalp clean. It just like using a scrub on your face to remove the excessive build up.

Getting the perfect clarifying shampoo isn’t an easy process. You always end up getting more build up with many products out there in the market. Especially the people living in dubai end up with more build up due to the weather and water adding up. The water in Dubai consists of more percentage of sodium due to which it settles on the scalp , hair, cuticles and later forms a thick build up over the period of time( the white patch you see on your skin when dry). So cleansing your scalp before using a Texture Specific Shampoo is very important. Else you are just washing your hair but not cleansing the scalp. Listed below are a few clarifying shampoos I have tried and tested that works well for all kinds of hair and suitable for this weather.


  • Philip B’s Peppermint & Avocado Clarifying & Volumising shampoo

This is a shampoo that you can’t miss to try. It’s perfect for the hot and humid weather of Dubai. It helps to remove the build up without causing any itchiness and keeps the scalp cool and gives perfect body and volume as well.

  • TIGI PRO’s clarifying shampoo

For weekly detox and removal of build up. Keeps the scalp clean and easy to work through any styling products.

  • Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash

Helps to remove the build up, previous products, silicones and more . Also helps to cleanse the scalp.

tigi-pro-clarifying-shampoo          Philip-B-Peppermint-Avocado-Volumizing-Clarifying-Shampoo



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