Big Hair Don’t care: Label.Men’s Thickening Lotion

BIG Hair DON’T Care:

I love any product that can give volume. As a consultant, I’m always dealing with clients who asks about products that can add volume and texture. So my friend happened to drop me these set of goodies from label.M for men specially made for the London Fashion Week 2015 that just passed by. I played with it, and loved it.

The new special edition called Label.Men by Label.M is super cool,amazing and very fresh. It consists of a complete series of men’s grooming kit that you could see below . But my most favourite was the THICKENING TONIC.

THICKENING TONIC is a unique gel to liquid formula that builds thickness , definition and texture. You could do a matt with firm hold or messy with hold. Either way it’s quit a special and unique item. 

Why is it special?

Infused with Keratin from cashmere wool (yes the same is used in clothing) , builds fabric like immense texture.It’s treatment and styling at the same time

How to use?

Spray it on 60%dry hair and just rough dry it into the hair with a blow dryer or diffuser. You could use a styling product after if you want a matt finish.

The most attracting bit is the mean color and how masculine it looks. Made specifically for men but women can play with it as well. Especially the shorter hair ones who wants to add body, texture and an oomph to the hair.


Toni&Guy in Dubai supplies Label.M products. I happened to get it through a friend from the UK.

So for all the men out there, here is something you can use to create body and movement in the hair







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