Hello there fellow hair lovers,

While I’m sitting and working on a another blog and playing with my hair, I look into the mirror and realise my hair is still set from morning’s finishing spray. And I’m amazed. So I decide to keep aside the blog I’m working on and write a quick take on finishing spray.

Finishing spray is the same as a setting spray or a shine spray with a hold. Only the brand name differs, though some brands have different levels of hold depending on the texture of the hair. Your hair regime is incomplete without a HAIR SPRAY or a FINISHING SPRAY. Listed below are the 7 quick reasons why you need to add a finishing spray to your daily hair regime :

  1.  Sets your blow dry or hairstyle. Adds an oomph. (Builds your confidence )
  2. Keeps the hair frizz free. (Especially during the summers when your hair is a mess thanks to the humidity)
  3. The hair smells good. (Well, who doesn’t love that)
  4. The hair is shiny. (All day shiny hair )
  5. Protects the hair cuticle from getting damaged from the external weather.(Well,except for the rain )
  6. The product lasts a very long time and has a good shelf life. ( Saves your cost )
  7. Comes in pocket sizes so can be carried in any hand bags.(Isn’t that the best bit ? 

The above 4 hairsprays are my current favourite (Alternah’s WORKING HAIRSPRAY or PERFECT TEXTURE , Kevin Murphy’s SESSION SPRAY , Redken’s QUICK TEASE 15 or FORCEFUL 23, Label.M’s HAIRSPRAY)

I’ve reached a point where Hairspray or Finishing spray has become an essential part of my hair regime. It works for both men and women. I love it and so would you. You could pick either of the above from any hair salons in dubai I’ve written about (you could check the hair salon category to know more).

Note : never rely on supermarket sprays as they are heavy and silicone based,in turn leaves your hair oily and the effect would not last more than 1 hour.


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