5 Best Anti Frizz Serums for the Summers

Summer : That time of the year when you know your hair and skin needs a lot of care and protection from the heat. This is also the time when your hair tends to frizz and look messy. Many opt for various ways such as botox, keratin treatment, straightening treatment, olaplex treatment etc to escape the daily struggles of frizzy hair. But again is that enough ? Now we live in a time where people are aware of the wellness of their hair. We also live in a time where mechanical damage of hair is really high due to the daily use of iron, curling wand, straighteners or blow dryers etc. There are various ways to protect your hair from mechanical damage using heat protective styling products and daily treatments but the most commonly used and a basic product we all must have in our hair routine is a HAIR SERUM. This is like applying a sunscreen to your hair.

What is a Hair Serum ?

Hair serums are the weightless essential oil based liquids used as protective treatments to control the frizz, protect the hair from heat, mechanical damages and give immediate shine and softness to the hair. Hair serums are one of the most commonly used pre styling and post styling products by many.

Now, there are various types of serums available in the market today of which some work and some don’t. Some make the hair more oily and greasy whereas some make the hair go flat. In general serums are silicone based. But again there are the good silicone and bad silicone. It takes serious research and lots of trial and errors to find the best serum for your hair. Heavy silicone based serums can over layer on the hair causing excess dryness and stiffness.

This article is in response to a few questions some of my friends have had in finding the right serum for their hair to be used during the summers when your hair tends to frizz in excess and gives no shine and ends up being dull but you are too lazy or don’t wish to opt into any other styling product.

Below listed are 5 of the best LIGHT WEIGHT SERUMS that I love using (tried and tested ) and has brought a difference to the quality and texture of my hair during the peak summer and excess heat. They are :


is one of the best leave in serum I have ever used.  It is formulated with Argan Oil and extracted from Brazillian Palm tree instantly making the hair smooth shiny and so amazingly soft. It can be applied on damp hair or dry hair and could be used before or after drying. It is quite weightless and absorbs smoothly into the hair without leaving any excess oil like feeling the next day. It gives immediate shine and smoothness to the hair. It is paraben free as well.

Kiehl’s is an old but well known skin care brand that has ventured into the hair care side of it as well. This product is Available at Kiehl’s Dubai.




is one of my all time favourites. This was a brand that was made by the very famous celebrity hairstylist, Kevin Murphy himself. Having worked closely with this brand for a few years, Young Again is honestly a product that I have to have in my kit all the time. I would best use it on extremely dry and dull looking hair for best results. Formulated specifically using immortelle leaves and sugar can extracts, this products works on any kind of hair. From dry to frizzy to thin or thick curly hair. It doesn’t bring a lot of shine though. But it surely does work like a treatment for the hair. It is best to applied on damp hair but can be used on dry hair as well and just work through. They are sulphate and paraben free as well.

Kevin murphy is a complete hair care brand ( styling, color, hair treatments, shampoo etc ) which is made from plant and vegetable extracts and works on all kinds of hair. To know more check the link here.



I used it a whole summer last year and I’d say this product worked so well with my colored and a little damaged hair. This product also works well on extremely curly, chemically processed and damaged hair. This works best during the summers when your hair tends to frizz out. This product is made with a blend of nine types of essential oils which provides nourishment, hydration, repair and shine. This can be used on processed or coloured /damaged hair.

Kera Straight is a keratin treatment brand and if you want to read more click the link here.



Made by the current sensation of the hair industry Jen Atkins. She is a social media star and a celebrity stylists. Made from Baobab seed oil and Ama oil, this smells almost like a fresh flavour of Jasmine essence. This can be applied on damp or dry hair and works well when blow dried into the hair. This helps to reduce the dryness and frizz on the hair and leaves the hair looking shiny. Smells amazing and doesn’t weigh the hair down even after a day or two. I loved it as the packaging is quite simple and works just perfect on your hair. Works well on thick dry coloured hair.

Ouai is chic brand made for those who needs a quick healthy fix. This product is available at Sephora .



a smooth oil that works like a great detangler and helps to fight frizz giving amazing shine and hydration to the hair. Extracted from roucou oil, a potent amazonian extract, penetrates into hair shaft and helps to maintain the natural pigment of your hair.  Can be used on both damp and dry hair. If you want to work on your frizz then apply a little on damp hair and blow dry it into the hair. This product works more like a treatment and gives softness and helps to lock moisture in the hair. 

Davines is an Italian brand that is based on plant extracts. It is a natural based brand and is a complete brand with treatments, styling and color. I purchased it from Souq.com.



  1. To avoid spending hours reading hair product labels, TODAY Style asked top experts to name their No. 1 frizz-fighter for humidity-proofing hair . The best part? They’re all available at your local drugstore.

    1. There are plenty available at drug store but most of them are made with excess silicones and higher pH which works against your hair in the long run. Professional ones brings out a massive difference on your hair. Maybe you should try it to know it.

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