Wash, Blow , Go @ BPOD the salon

BPOD is my new favourite hang out salon in Dubai. I love going there and having a nice chat and getting my hair did. I requested T to run me through a quick wash blow go on a client so I could shoot a quick video on what she does. She picks a friend MAHA who also works for BPOD and shows me her signature work in just 35min. How amazing is that !

Check out the steps below and also click on the link below to find out more

  • WASH -using a sulphate free shampoo depending on the type of hair ( kevin murphy , redken, goldwell )
  • BLOW -Apply any smoothing cremes such as kevin murphy’s smooth.again creme for frizzy dry hair. Blow dry the hair
  • Apply shimmer shine to add shine and softness to the hair.
  • GO -Finish with a finishing spray such as a session spray from kevin murphy.


Bpod image 1

Check out the link to video below.


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    Nаоmi, 37 yеаrs оld, dіrectоr: “I dіd my faсе clеаning in thе sаlоn – my cоmplеxіоn changеd аftеr dеlivеry. Thе rеsult plеаsеd, but the соst оf сlеаnіng wаs quitе hіgh, oftеn thіs wіll nоt allow. ”
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