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“We specialise in hair treatments & hair extensions. We are more like a rehab for hair. We also work for patients who has undergone chemotherapy and has hair loss ” says Cindy or dearly known as CeCe.

So the past few weeks has been a busy one. I had visited Beauty by Edge almost 4 weeks back when they put me through a hair revive treatment called ‘Bio lustre’ to reduce the dryness and damage caused to the hair (In my next blog I showcase the treatment). It’s week 4 and my hair still feels soft, smooth and shiny. One of the most stylish and glamorous spaces I’ve been to in a while with a fabulous team ‘Over Pampering’ you. Oh yes ! Just what we girls need.

Like most of us know, Dubai is an interesting city with so many different hair salons but very few with a concept to create awareness. And very few with a huge display of retail products within a salon. And such is Beauty By EDGE. While getting my hair done, I had the chance to talk to CeCe (co owner) and understand the story behind Beauty by Edge. I loved her passion to the salon and her knowledge to every product. And so, I decided to feature her in my Blog. CeCe co owns Beauty By Edge with her sister Rebecca. The above is CeCe and below is her story.

1. Where are you from and how long have you been living and working in Dubai?

I am from Dublin, Ireland and moved to Dubai 6 years back. My heart has always been in the beauty business. I am a qualified Beauty Therapist but never got the chance to use my diploma because I was offered a job modeling and then got married and stopped working for a decade when I had my children.

2.How did Beauty by EDGE happen?

When I came to Dubai I was in trouble looking for extensions and qualified stylist to do my extensions. I also noticed serious lack of shopping for extensions and everything was inside villas and only very few salons stocked extensions. So together with my sister Rebecca Gernon  we put our heads together, did a lot of research and a few trips to Cosmoproff Hong Kong & Beauty World here and finally got the concept of ‘Beauty By EDGE.’

3.Whats the focus of your salon?

When rebecca (Owns serendipity by design) was designing the salon part of edge we only had a small space to work with so we decided to dedicate the space to just Hair. We call our salon the rehab salon for hair where we do many treatments to fix broken Hair and dehydreated scalps.

4.What does the salon specialise in?

We contacted Dubai Hair Doctor (D.H.D) and sought his advise on treatments and how we can fix problems most woman face living in a harsh climate. If the problem is more deep we suggest our clients go to visit D.H.D.
We designed the salon keeping in mind the sensitivity of how woman feel when they have hair loss problems so we divided the spaces with curtains and put all lights on a dimmer switch so the client feels very relaxed and comfortable discussing their problems .

We get quite a few chemo patients sent to us from the clinics as well because of our reputation of the level of care we give to the ladies who at this difficult time need tender love and care. 

6. What is your future plan ?

My wish for Beauty By EDGE is to grow and turn it into one of the most sought out brands in Dubai. I am completely passionate about this project and I know there is a big need for a Brand like us in Dubai. We are a rehab salon for hair. And we work on all kinds of women’s hair.

I loved my experience at beauty by edge. Most importantly, I loved their concept and how they try to display almost every hair needs of a woman through their massive retail. Located at the heart of the city in Mercato Mall, Jumeirah, you can’t miss this space. You definitely have to drop in to the salon if in need of a hair rehab therapy or an extension service / hair treatment. Check out a few pics below.



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