Colour technicians and creative artists inspire me. That’s one of my favorite bit in hairdressing. Understanding the technicalities of hair colour is an art in itself as it isn’t easy to always achieve what you pursue when it comes to hair colour. Colorist create credibility in the eye of the customer. Customizing hair colour to your skin tone taking into consideration a person’s lifestyle is very important. Colorists are the real artists. Most of the hair colorist are born with an eye for perfect color but to expertise in it technically is a challenge many can’t survive.

Finding a colorist in Dubai is a bit of a challenge but I was lucky enough to have found and met Colour Expert, Kristy Dempsey or famously known as LOU LOU. She is a Creative Art Director who hails from West London and runs the shop named ‘LOCKS by LOU LOU’ in Dubai. Trained from the London Institute of fashion earning a masters degree, she is one of the talented and smartest hairdressers I’ve met in recent times who is quite an entrepreneur as well and runs a fabulous team of talented hairdressers. Always with a positive approach, her shop is quite popular amongst the expat women living in the UAE. Well known for her expertise in colour and hair extensions, she is a game changer in the hair industry in Dubai and has been doing some fabulous work. Artists like Lou Lou inspire me. Talking to the creative artist herself this is what Lou Lou had to say:

M:How many years have you been in the hair industry and what were you doing before moving to Dubai?

LL:I have been doing hair for 15 years. I worked in the biggest department stores in London (Selfridges and harrods) with a large A list clientele. I then worked on cruise lines traveling around the Caribbean, and then worked in vidal sasson in New York for a year, I then returned to London and worked for the house of Rush then was poached to come to Dubai. 

M:What made you stay in Dubai?

LL:After two years of working for a chain of saloons, I saw a huge potential in Dubai which then made me want to branch out and open my own salon- specialising in what I love most- colour and extensions.

M:What are some of the work and events that you covered?

LL:London fashion week, Milan fashion week- Magazine and press work in London and Dubai. London Breast cancer support working with celebrities like Jerry hall, Gerry halliwell, Gwen Stephanie. London colour Trophy being my biggest win!

M:What inspires you to be an entrepreneur/ hairdresser ?

LL:I love what I do, I love making people happy. Ive always been a bit of a leader and I love results.

M:How did ‘LOCKS by LOU LOU’ happen?

LL:Randomly I was on holiday with 10 girls- we were talking about renewing our contracts, and I was getting really upset as I wasn’t happy with the company I was working for, My friends told me to shut up and “just do it” as I had been talking about opening my own salon for so long. So I did! It made me grey doing it but I done it ! 

If you are seeking perfect hair colour or an extension then Locks by LOU LOU is where you need to book yourself in. Believe me you will not be disappointed ! Check out the fabulous salon below and also a bit of my day.

(story of how to achieve the colour on my next page)






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