Milad Mansoor- Barber at His Best

I’ve always taken joy in exploring the different genres of hairdressing and one such is BARBERING. While I used to work as a hairdresser I used to enjoy precision cuts and the detailing that goes in a haircut. Dubai is a city with variant culture and I’ve seen in many years how men’s grooming has changed. Barbers where considered the least educated with lower paid jobs once. And today barbering is considered one of the most creative jobs where you have to go to hair school to earn a diploma in hairdressing/barbering. An honest fact is, if you aren’t a good barber then you cannot be called a complete Hairdresser. Because it’s all about precision, finishing, polishing & grooming.

When you meet different barbers you come to see the talent & art they carry along with them. Dubai being one of the fastest cities in the world is also becoming the hub of producing the best barbers as men here are all about being groomed and looking sharp. Be it any field, corporate, health, creative ,entertainment or fashion.

Men’s grooming involves a lot more (you can read details in my previous blogs on men’s grooming ) than just shaving & cleaning, and is growing vastly in the middle east. So during one my trips to Chivalry salon, I happened to meet Milad. I instantly start watching his work and I am impressed. So my very first question to him goes like ‘Do you wish to be featured in my blog?’ as there was no second thought of not featuring his work and creativity. 

Milad Mansoor was born and raised in Lebanon. He started working as a barber when he was juts 14. He completed his diploma as a hairdresser later and worked for many salons which included the well renowned Wafiq Saab in Beirut. Post that he moved to Dubai 8 years back, worked in times square mall, bare gents salons and later started his own business. Wanting to explore more in the world of barbering, Milad focussed more on grooming and became a part of Chivalry Gentlemen’s salon.

Speaking to the man himself he says :

‘I love my job and love barbering. I love men’s fashion & grooming and hence try focus more on it. When I work, I forget the world around & all I can think of is making sure to give the perfect beard or perfect hair. Having worked in different countries and owning my own business, I now feel I am at the right place in my life being a part of Chivalry salon. It’s the perfect location with the perfect clientele. My clients are about 50 percent local and 50 percent expatriates. So its different kind of work each day. We all know how Arab men have always kept the best beard. So now the trend is changing and most of the expatriates are wanting to sport a well groomed beard like the Arab men. I love how we are able to influence so many people. I’ve worked for many VIP clients, different events and movie stars. What I see now is that men are getting more conscious than women when it comes to their looks and they don’t feel any less of a man in spending a few hrs for themselves at a salon once a week. And hence our role is very important in making sure to give the best.’

To know more about his work, book yourself an appointment at Chivalry Gentlemen’s Salon where he works and also check out the fun day I had shooting a bit of his work.


Milad at work ( Chivalry Gentlemen’s Salon )






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