Maurice – The Wizard of Hair

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Hair is one of the most important part of most women’s makeup. Nice hair makes you feel good no matter what you are wearing. Making both men and women feel good about themselves doing great cuts and color which inturn you can see is an instant boost in their confidence. So I’m always inspired to be best I can in what I do ” Says Session Stylist Maurice Smith.

One of the finest hairdressers Dubai has ever produced. Hailing from the UK, this Vidal Sasson trained Hairdresser moved to Dubai almost 2 decades back after working in London, Australia and Bahrain. He worked at the Hilton Beach Club later known as the Jumeirah Beach Club and then moved to The Hair Shop Salon. He has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the hair industry in Dubai and has seen a lot growth over the past years.

The man who would tell you upfront what would be right or wrong for your hair by reading your personality and how he would dare you to be bold in trying out something different each time. This man is one of the most brilliant artists of today with an experience of over 30 years in the hair industry and a massive clientele that follows him. He has seen and done it all and he still loves learning each time there is something new.

Meet him once and you would fall in love with his witty, loud but honest opinion. Each time I go visit Maurice, I feel inspired and he knows exactly what I need for my hair though I do happen to bother him with my expert opinion many times known the fact that I’m a Hairdresser too. This Vidal Sassoon trained British hairdresser has travelled the world and currently resides in Dubai. He could transform you and your hair. Believe me when I say that he can actualy transform you. There is a reason why I call him the wizard of hair as he creates magic.

Maurice is not just a Hairdresser but a good friend to me as well and I love how he makes sure to make you feel special each time I walk in to the salon. His energy brightens up your day and his witty sense makes you laugh out loud each time you meet him.

Talking to the man himself, here is a what Maurice has to say : ‘When I was at the beach club, it was very exclusive and in those days Dubai was a little hidden gem for the rich and the famous from the Royal family to pop stars ,movie stars ,footballers and been fortunate to work on The Sheikhas of Dubai, celebrities like David Beckham ,wife of Ex- PM of UK Cherrie Blaire and many more. For the past 4 years, I’ve been based at Meydan hotel. Meydan is always full of events and the most known is the World Cup Horse Race. Now most of my clients lives in Dubai but having a celebrity in the shop adds bit of excitement but with a lot of VIP’s I have to go to them within the hotel for security reasons.’

When asked what is his expertise in hair ,he says : ‘I am an all rounder when it comes to hair, but I love cuts & colouring. I have lot of blonde hair clients as finding someone to do the right blonde and not yellow in this part of the world is quite hard. But again I love diversity and doing different things on the hair. Like I said, I’m always inspired to do the best I can.’

Maurice works at The Hair Shop in Meydan Hotel and prefers the world come to Him. He is an asset to the hair industry today and I love his work. To know more about Maurice, get yourself booked in today at THE HAIR SHOP MEYDAN HOTEL. Also, check out Maurice creating magic on my hair.


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