Highlights on Dark Hair by CHARLOTTE


I had collaborated with ‘ Locks by LOU LOU ‘salon recently and Lou Lou , the colour expert decided to keep it simple and classy with highlights for me by placing random foils as I have natural dark hair. So the highlights would enhance the over all colour of my hair. While the technician CHARLOTTE worked on my hair,  I loved watching how she was getting the job done with so much ease. Just what any client needs when a colour treatment is being done. And while she worked I had a little chat with her to understand her story.

This above is she and below is her story :

I hail from a bit outside Liverpool and did my hairdressing course there. I have been a hairdresser for 10 years and am currently working and living in Dubai. I started working as a hairdresser at the age of 13 as a junior at weekends helping out as I knew that I wanted to train as a hairdresser. After school, I went straight from school to hairdressing. I fast tracked through my training and qualified to level 3 at 19. After that I worked with the same salon for over 5 years and then took a step of self employed which gave me an amazing clientele but due to my husband’s work commitments we moved to Dubai and joined Locks by LOU LOU Boutique. It feels good to be back in a busy salon and work with a fab bunch of hairdressers to help each other out and this makes me love my job more.

When asked what inspires her to be a hairdresser, this is what she had to say.

I just absolutely love my job. There is nothing better that making people feel happy about themselves even if it is just a blow dry for a nightout or a massive colour change. I just love that someone can trust you enough to make them look fabulous. 

Charlotte explains the Method :

1. Firstly the hair was bleached using L’OREAL STUDIO BLONDE- 9% with random zig zag foils and left on the hair for almost an hour until a light yellow blonde was achieved evenly.

2. At the basin,the hair was washed and MAJIREL 6.45+ 9 volume was used to TONE THE HIGHLIGHTS at the basin and kept until the desired color was achieved.

3. Washed using Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate me wash and rinse and blow dried and styled.


Check out how my turned out:

  1. Placements on my hair are kept to oxidise.



2. After Wash and blow dry.

DSC_1246 (2)

IMG_2531 (1)

I lovvvvvve it !!! Make sure you walk into LOCKS BY LOU LOU and get your colour done by Charlotte Littlewood the next time you need a change.

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