An avacado a day keeps hair fall away

Hello Beautiful people,

This one is from my own experience and my recent observation.

I had started consuming Avocados as a replacement to certain protien rich food that I couldn’t consume due to some health troubles. This started as a replacement but soon became a regular in my daily bowl of Salad. And little by little I started noticing how my hair fall reduced to quite an extend and even started gaining shine. (I’ve been a victim of major hair fall post baby ).

Most of the times I end up writing about shampoos and treatments to fix your hair. But there is nothing like consuming the right amount of supplements for your skin and hair through your food. Infact 50 % of your hair growth is controlled through the diet. And one such dietary food supplement for healthy hair is AVACADO. Not only does Avocado help reduce High Blood Pressure but it also consists of supplements such as Essential oils, Vitamins B & E etc, Minerals, AntiOxidants and more which benefits the skin and hair.

And so, I have listed the few benefits of AVACADO FOR YOUR HAIR (from what I conquered in 2 months and would continue to do so)  :

  1. Gives strength back to the hair and in turn restores damaged hair.
  2. Reduces the hair fall and increases the Hair Growth.
  3. Reduces the dryness of the hair as avocado is a natural conditioner.
  4. Works as a great treatment against dandruff.
  5. Adds shine and volume to the hair. 
  6. Protects your hair from environmental damage such as UVA/UVB rays.
  7. Lastly, helps to reduce the frizz which is what I love the most.

Note : the picture above has no filter. Shampooed and blow dried without using any styling products.The shine reflection is result of avocado + bore bristle brush + a sunny day in Dubai and I got my cheap thrills 😀


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