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Many of us prefer making most of our lifestyle/ beauty choices through what our friends or bloggers recommend. We always feel comfortable knowing atleast a few of our friends have tried and tested the services when it comes to beauty/ hair/ wellness.

From the time I began blogging about salons and the different services they offer, I’ve had readers and friends asking me about which salon would I recommend to them or what service should they try or what could be the price of a particular service. As much as I love answering these questions, it isn’t always easy to give an exact answer as every salon differs with their services and price. This post comes as an answer to many of your questions.

We live in a time where bookings done through online forums or phone apps isn’t something new and most of us prefer this medium of bookings and payments. Now wouldn’t we all love the same if we had such easy accessibility to our beauty and wellness regime. And one such discovery is VANIDAY.

I learned about VANIDAY– AN ONLINE BEAUTY APP (though it isn’t new and there are many other beauty apps but not all are legit) through a friend. After using it for a few services, all I could say is that it has given me much more choices and flexibility when it comes to salons/services. I was highly impressed on how the staff ( at the salon booked ) knew about what exactly I was booked in for and went straight to work without much questions and saving me time (FYI, you could always add more services at the salon ).

Now all I want to do is shout it out to all my friends out there on how convenient this app is and how easy life has gotten. I have also listed out 10 BEST reasons on why I loved using this app and why you should too:

  1. You could download the app. (any phone services ) or book through their website.
  2. It lets you choose the salon according to YOUR LOCATION. And if you aren’t sure about your location, then it lists out the RECOMMENDED SALONS for you.
  3. Beauty and wellness services is 24/7 FOR BOOKING and can be done ONLINE or through the APP.
  4. They offer various PROMOTIONAL and DISCOUNT Offers which is aaa-mmmaa- zing.(happy dance !!)
  5. You could do a last minute booking at any listed salons in the app which means NO MORE WAITING for appointments. (YAAAYY !!)
  6. They send you SMS/EMAIL Reminders of your appointment, so no more setting up your calendar reminders. (mommy’s out there, you will love this )
  7. You could PAY IT ON THE APP itself or at the salon. Well I love this as each time I get my nails done, I dread opening my wallet as in this process I always end up having my nails chipped off. (I’m sure many of you could relate to this)
  8. You DON’T have to interact with SALON OPERATOR/RECEPTIONIST especially when you really aren’t in the mood to talk and not having such a great day at work. (Trust me, this is a fact)
  9. You could GIFT ANY SERVICES to your partner, friends or anyone you wish to gift a special day. (Life just got better. No more running around buying gifts)
  10. Saving the best for the last. The app lists out A MENU FOR EACH SALON with THE SERVICES and THE PRICE accordingly. (Happy dance again !)

VANIDAY is a beauty community as well and you could connect to salons, learn more about them and in some cases use it for business purposes too. This app works for all beauty /hair services of both men and women.

To make it more easier to understand, I have also listed below the step by step process I did while booking a service for myself. All it took me was 6-7 clicks and less than a minute (it could vary according to your menu selection but hey it still is so convenient ) :

1. Download the app.


2. Select the wellness care option.


3. Select the salon.


4. Select the service from the menu listed.


5. Once the service booked, select the date and time.


6. Pay instantly or at the salon.


7. Insert promotional code if any (check out their menu page, plenty of promotional offers)


8.Once booking is complete, it shows you the location as well.


I am enjoying the convenience of booking my beauty services at any time I want. So wait no more my friends, make your bookings by downloading the app : VANIDAY

Note : The app works for Australia, Brazil, Italy, Singapore and U.A.E only for now.



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