Surviving Pool and Holiday Hair

Hope you all had a great start to the year 2017.

I must admit, this blog comes as a recommendation from my bestie. She suggested I write this up. So this one is dedicated to you Meher.

Here goes,

November 2016 had been a crazy month but it finally got better thanks to a quick family holiday to Phuket. While packing the bags, all I was quite stressed about was on how to manage the hair since we it was going to be lot of sun, beach and pool. Also, the relative humidity and sodium chloride levels are quite high on the coastal side. So that got me thinking, on how dry, dull and frizzy the hair might be post the fun time.

Women are generally always finicky when it comes to wetting their hair in the pool. I see a lot of women who worries on how to manage their hair while on a holiday as such. Well I must admit I’ve been a victim myself. Due to which you can’t completely enjoy your pool time.

So the big question is, How do I survive Chlorine water ? Well honestly it’s hard to survive it but again if you are careful you could come out without much damage to your hair. Here are a few things I thought through, tried out and was able to come back with not much of dry,damaged  or frizzy hair.

The few things that you want to do Before/After pool or beach is:

  1. Use OLIVE OIL or COCONUT OIL on your hair before you hit the pool or the beach. As they both have moisturising capacity due to which they don’t dry your hair much.
  2. WET YOUR HAIR before you hit the pool. Since your hair is wet, it doesn’t give way to much of chlorine getting absorbed onto the cuticle.
  3. Always USE A CLARIFYING SHAMPOO or APPLE CIDER VINEGAR to wash off the excessive chlorine / dirt build up on you scalp/ hair since the AHA’S ( alpha hydroxy acids ) in it that helps to cleanse the hair/cuticle without affecting the moisture of the hair.
  4. DEEP CONDITION the hair after shampoo. So that it restores the moisture since pool/ beach tends to dry the hair in excess.
  5. WASH YOUR HAIR IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE POOL. So that the chlorine doesn’t dry and deposit on your hair. And to also avoid flakiness and dandruff.
  6. Make sure to carry your SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO if you have coloured hair.
  7. KEEP APPLYING A LEAVE IN CONDITIONER OR A LEAVE IN SPRAY before you hit the pool or the beach. Simple reason being your hair is coated due to which chlorine finds it hard to deposit over your hair.
  8. Use BEACH SPRAY’S or TEXTURIZING SPRAYS , this helps you to quite an extend to survive the humidity, in turn causes less frizziness or dryness and you get fabulous beach hairdo.
  9. Try AVOIDING HOTEL SHAMPOOS as they strip the moisture and color from your hair. They are generally sulphate based shampoos that can be quite strong and harmful for you hair.
  10. If you can’t do with any of the above then just APPLY A DROP OR TWO OF YOUR BODY LOTION onto a semi wet /damp hair to keep it moisturous and avoid dryness. SIMPLE !

NOTE : The tips above were tried and tested and did help me and my family to an extend. I still had to come back and have a color refresh done though due to my reds. But other than that I was quite relieved as my hair didn’t dry as bad as I thought thanks to these few tips.

I am all smiles thanks to a fabulous holiday and not too shabby hair !!!







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