Summer Beauty Sessions

The summers have taken over the Emirates and it has been really hot and humid. Your hair is a fabulous mess ( thanks to the humidity and heat) and you can’t exactly have a perfect hair day out in the sun. It’s not the BEST time to get my hair done either but the perfect time to watch and learn. And perfectly timed was an invite to the Summer Beauty Session DXB organised at the fabulous Gloss Hair Salon and Academy ( I will soon be doing a story on them ) . Over a period of 2 weeks, a few of us had the previlege to watch, learn and use some amazing hair tools and tips by the HERSHESHONS and the Gloss Salon Team. (They have more sessions coming up next month for those who missed ! )

  • My first session was learning how to work with Hersheson’s hair pieces. It was one of the most fun sessions I have been to in a while. They showcased and helped us learn how to fix different types of hair extensions and pieces on different lengths of hair. Below is the hershesons hair piece on myself. And honest to THE MIGHTY HAIR LORDS, I have never felt so excited and happy seeing myself in such long LOCKS. I have never grown my hair this long as I lack the patience to do so but it was amazing to see how different I could look in a long hair. So for those of you who worry or stress of growing your hair for a function or a wedding, just take my advice and try out these amazing hair piece by Hershesons. 

MY VERDICT: Natural looking. Very tight clips that won’t fall off or hurt. And almost natural but synthetic hair that looks and feels like real hair. You could comb, iron, braid , pony it up OR just play around with it. Costs less than a hair extension session.

Check out the hair pieces on myself : Make a crown section and clip it aside. Fix the hair piece beneath the partition and let down the clipped crown section to blend in with the hair piece. The braided hair is actually a hair band piece that can just be used to add an extra oomph to the hair.

Hersheson's Hair piece


Check out different hair pieces and styles on some of the women. They all look like natural hair but they are all hair pieces used on different hair and blended in with the natural hair. 


Top left-( long hair locked on the crown and braided),

Top right( hair piece of the same color used to make a bun),

Middle left (hair fringe piece used and long black hair piece used),

Middle right (Long hair piece locked to make a pony on shoulder length hair).


  • My second session was learning how to Play with Ruth Crilly’s different fragrances of DRY SHAMPOO followed by Hersheson’s hair tools such as the Blow dryer, Curling wands, Flat irons and brushes. The trainer showcased how to use both simoultanosly. This was a session with many smart women of Dubai learning how to do their own hair without having to rely on a hairdresser. As much as we love going to a salon to get our hair done, it wouldn’t hurt to learn how to fix your own hair once in a while. And thats exactly what was showcased. I could almost hashtag #bestsessionever. 

MY VERDICT on DRY SHAMPOO: In love with Ruth Crilly’s Dry shampoo. They smell fabulous and it didn’t leave a white patch or oiliness on my very dark hair. The bottle reads sheer and invisible and it does what it says.

MY VERDICT on HERSHESONS HAIR TOOLS: Tried them, love them, want them.

Check out all of us learning to do our own hair.




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