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I’ve always had my EYES set on pixie hair. I’ve always been a person who loved sporting a pixie. I also adore the way some women can look so elegant with a neat well done pixie cropped . I’ve always found it to be such a smart haircut for women of all ages.
Pixie haircuts are the most underrated haircuts. It has been tried and trended over decades to decades by women from all generations. It’s time to stop worrying that short hair is only for women with hair fall issues. I as a hair consultant beg to differ. I think Pixie is one of the most trendiest and stylish hair.  I like to call it a cow boy hair. Every woman once in her lifetime must try a PIXIE. It has variant styles depending on the person.
Every summer PIXIE is the most preferred hairstyle by womenll around the world of any age.

The simplest reason being,
1. Easy maintenance
2. Looks smart
3. It’s the look of every season
4. No hassle of waking up to unmanageable hair
5. You spend less on your hair products and less time on your hair.
6. You worry less about your hair loss.
7. Summer Saviour from heat

8. Less products being consumed 🙂
Note: Use a texturizing spray / beach spray/ a matt paste for undefined look. Gel is a NO NO as it separates your hair making it look more limp and oily.

Products : Dry finish

Redken’s fashion waves 07 sea salt spray

Kevin Murphy powder puff

Kevin murphy hair resort spray

Redken’s powder grip 03 texturising hair powder


Products : Matt finish

Kevin murphy Powder puff

Redken’s mess around 10 disprupting cream paste

Product : Only finishing with a rough dry blow dry

Kevin murphy’s session spray

Redken’s fashion work 12 versatile hairspray

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