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KERATIN : is protein that is naturally produced in the hair and helps in the growth, shine, strenghtening  and moisture in the hair. The sulphide bonds that is the base of the keratin tends to get disrupted due to environmental or chemical changes leaving it dry, frizzy and moisture less due to which you tend to go for keratin treatment.

COLLAGEN : is a protein present in all body organs and tissues that acts like a defence mechanism to prevent the absorption of very unhealthy substances, toxins from the environment. It helps in hold and elasticity. It also gives strength to the body, improves the appearance of the hair follicles as well. Constant use or chemicals tends to disrupt the elasticity of the hair leaving it dry and dull due to which you tend to go for collagen treatment.


KERATIN: It is a method of adding keratin or moisture back into the hair. It is not a straightening method to be exact. But in some instances it changes the nature of the hair making is straight(to a certain percentage) and adds shine as well. It helps to reduce the blow drying time up to 60 percent. It also depends on what kind of keratin you use on the hair. Some has more percentage of formaldehyde and some has less. More formaldehyde percentage will help change the nature of the hair in-turn makes it straight as well. 

COLLAGEN: It has been primarily recognised as a repair to the dry damaged frizzy hair. Collagen can actually improve the appearance of the hair and follicles. Also helps to increase the elasticity of the hair. But it doesn’t straighten the hair or change the nature of the hair. It does calms cuticles and reduces the frizz giving you a more natural looking hair. It is also recommended for ageing hair as well.


KERATIN : This is highly recommended for those who struggle with very frizzy, dry, unmanageable, coarse/curly or chemically damaged hair. After the constant use of various silicon based products, chemical treatments, coloring and hot appliances, the hair tends to lose the shine and moisture on the hair. Hence this is highly recommended for such hair types.

COLLAGEN : Recommended to those who wants to avoid formaldehyde based products (to avoid itchiness and burns in some instances). Also recommended for those with frizzy,dry hair but limp/weightless low elasticity hair but who wish to keep the the nature of the hair the same. 


KERATIN :It lasts for about 3-4 months , until the hair grows and in some cases even upto 6 months depending on how the post care is. Since keratin is a deposit on the hair, with each wash the keratin tends to wash off from the hair. So it is essential to use a Sulphate free, sodium free shampoo/conditioner with a pH below 7.

COLLAGEN : Lasts less than keratin. But again depends on the after care. Sulphate free and sodium free shampoo/conditioner recommended to be used.


Formaldehyde is a form of compound used in chemical industry for bonding or coatings. Formaldehyde helps to fix the keratin on the hair or coat the keratin on the hair. Without formaldehyde, the keratin cannot bond completely on the hair. When companies talk about being formaldehyde free, it isn’t entirely formaldehyde free but the percentage is lesser in comparison to the ones with higher percentage of formaldehyde. 


KERATIN: Most of the chemical treatments used on the hair are safe to an extend that it doesn’t penetrate the blood stream or embryo. With keratin, Since formaldehyde is released during the process, we tend to breath it in. If the client is asthmatic or has any respiratory complication then it is recommended to keep away from keratin as it tends to get pungent for some. 

COLLAGEN:  It is safe for pregnant women since it is formaldehyde free and doesn’t cause any burns or itchiness as well. But again it won’t hurt to get a trial test done.

The above are frequently asked questions to me by clients or friends. So I made sure to keep the question and answers simple. Also below is a video of the keratin process I had gotten at The Hairshop Salon. Kindly check out the video below to know more. 

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