I’ve had plenty of my male friends asking me to do a blog on beard. And I figured it was high time I do one. I’ve always loved barbering and everything that’s associated with it. The perfection and the precision that goes into it is so important. But I always observe that many aren’t aware of  what BEARD GROOMING is.

It’s not just about using a trimmer, razor, shaving kit or any to maintain a neat beard, but maintaining it using the right products is very important as well. Many times people fail to understand that beard requires adequate moisture when it grows. When the beard fails to get enough moisture, that is when you observe dryness, flakiness and beard druffs. Since it is on the face, you have to be careful on what product you might use on the beard (e.g.;pH should be less than 7 to avoid irritation). Just like shampooing and conditioning your hair, you have to follow a certain regime to grow healthy smooth beard. To understand better, follow the steps below to maintain a healthy beard :

1.Always wash the beard using BEARD SHAMPOO.

2.After shampooing and drying, use BEARD CONDITIONERS OR BEARD OIL CONDITIONER and massage through the beard in DOWNWARD motion such that it spreads evenly and increases the blood circulation to smoothen your growth.

3. BEFORE BED, use BEARD BALMS or BEARD OILS and massage evenly. Do remember, Night is the time when the beard growth rate is the highest. So making sure to massage well using beard balms or beard oil before sleep is very important.

4.Always use a BEARD COMB and not your fingers to comb through beard and do it in downward motion. NEVER use a brush.

NOTE : Using beard oil and beard balms gives you a certain control on the beard and if you are someone who loves to grow it and shape it then always make sure to use beard kits for maintenance.









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