Manic Panic Semi Permanent Colors in Dubai

Don’t we all love vibrant colors on our hair every once in a while. And especially if it can feel soft, look shiny and healthy. Many of us love experimenting our hair with various colours but we are never sure what products to trust or how to maintain it. My last post was about how Anna worked on my hair to give me a Marsala effect colour using a permanent colour. This post is more like what happens to your hair after you decide to go for crazy colours.

So after my amazing colour done in Feb by Anna(BDB), I kept thinking on how to maintain the colour. Obviously the right shampoo, conditioning and regular in salon treatments does help but still after a few weeks the colour starts fading away and you have to refresh the colour and go through the whole series of spending a few hours at the salon. Not that it is a bad thing but I just didn’t want to oxidise my hair again and didn’t have the patience (Bleach/Colour with Developers that consists of peroxide would oxidise the hair and would take a long time to process). So I kept looking for options such as Semi permanent colours. I tried out a few that you get locally in the market but I was dissatisfied. After a few more experiments and research, I tried on Tish and Snooky’s MANIC PANICA semi permanent colour range only for vibrant colours made in NYC. And boy was it the best or what. I have never felt my hair colour look this good in such a long time. It was the most easiest mix and apply colour as well.

Read about Manic Panic Here. They have the colour chart, videos and tools on how to use the colour.


They are semi permanent colors made from fortified herbal and protein complex and features no animal by products. They are tested only on human hair. They are VEGAN based and never use any animal by products. The colour has a conditioning effect due to which it doesn’t dry the hair like how the permanent colours do due to Peroxide and later oxidation. This is a direct application colour on bleached hair or coloured hair. I have been using Manic Panic over the past 2 months and I am so in love with the shine and vibrance of the color. I also make sure to drop by a salon every few weeks for an Olaplex Treatment. I have also started using the home care of OLAPLEX No.3 HAIR PERFECTOR  that helps to restore the damaged hair and also gives a vibrance and shine to any colour you wish to apply on the hair.

Application and steps involved for Manic Panic :

  1. Shampoo and dry the hair if you have applied products previously.
  2. On the dry hair, apply the colour directly on previously coloured red/purple like mine or bleached/blonde hair. Make sure not to use white clothes or any lighter clothes as it could stain.
  3. Leave it for an hour. (The intensity won’t differ even if you leave it longer as it is a semi permanent colour and can only coat on the outer cuticle of your hair. )
  4. Wash the colour off and shampoo/condition the hair using sulphate free products. 

A few things to understand before you use  :

  • The colour coats around the cuticle and doesn’t penetrate into the hair shaft. 
  • The colour lasts for 2-3 weeks max though the bottle says 4 weeks and above for amplified colour.
  • I used about 1/4 of the bottle each time I colored my hair, i.e. I could use one bottle for 4-5 different times of application (every 2-3 weeks ) which means each bottle lasted me for above 2 months. 
  • Manic Panic has Normal Semi Permanent Bottle of vibrant colours and an Amplified version of the same colours. I used the amplified version for my current colour and it lasts a few days more than the regular one. 
  • I ordered the product from the US and once from It is unavailable at salons, so you might want to purchase the product before visiting the salon.
  • You can mix the colours. I did mix violet and pink and later vampire red and pink that gave me the vibrance. You could see in the pictures below.
  • Never use foils as the colour would stick on the foil rather than your hair. Once applied then use plastic wraps to cover your head. 

Warning :

  • Each time you wash the hair, a little of the colour does wash out. If you are a regular swimmer, then you might want to take more care like swim caps or high pony.
  • It can stain your clothes and skin during the application. Make sure not to use white color or any light colors to avoid stains.
  • I definitely would recommend you to get it done at the salon if you don’t know how to use it or don’t wish to do it on your own.

Violet and pink balayage : 3 parts of ultra violet and 1 part of hot pink mixed together.



Red and Pink Balayage: 3 parts of vampire red and 1 part of the hot pink mixed together.


Thanks to this amazing discovery of Manic Panic (though its not a new brand to the world and been around for very long), now I can get any vibrant colour I desire without having to worry about the condition of my hair. You could order them directly from their website or order it from


    1. Thanks Lauren. The color is amazing. Definitely worth a try. Also make sure to get on off olaplex hair treatment done just to keep the fibre and cuticle intact.

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